NameSmall Sawmill
Size23.49 MB
DescriptionThis mod adds 2 placeable sawmills (one with deco crane and one with open space), a placeable point of sale for wood products and 3 fillTypes to the game. Sawmill without crane: Construction costs 450000 €, Daily costs 100 €, processes 100000l of wood per hour, can store 1000000l of logs. This building has an open space where a crane can be placed. Here we recommend the crane from the Modhub of DD ModPassion. Sawmill with crane: Building costs 450000 €, Daily costs 100 €, processes 100000l wood per hour, can store 1000000l logs. The crane on the building is only decoration, unfortunately it is not possible with the current Global Company version. Point of sale: Building costs 5000 €, Daily costs 0 € The mod only works in conjunction with Global Company. Seasons ready Changelog version - Russian translation added - Minor bugs fixed Changelog Version - Improved folder structure - New categories added for a better overview Changelog version - Bark mulch added as new product. - Bark mulch heap added - Price fluctuations for Seasons added. - FillTypes adapted to the "Uniform FillTypes" list. - Adjusted price for raw material purchase. - Prices for products adjusted. - Improving the French translation. Changelog version - FillType of empty pallets (sales station) adapted to standard (emptyPallet). Changelog version - Pallet error at sawmill without crane fixed - Empty pallets added to the point of sale Changelog version - Pallets: Tension belts fixed - Sales trigger set a little lower, pallets are sold - Pallets performance improved again - Light made switchable - Warning stripes made fade out - Trigger markers made fade out