NameEmpty Pallets Production
Size20.24 MB
DescriptionThis mod adds a pallet production and the new fillType "empty pallet". Pallet production: Produces empty pallets from wooden beams and wooden boards, as by-products wood chips and wood trimmings are produced. Has a saw in which wooden beams are processed into wooden boards, wood chips are produced as by-products. 4000l wooden boards + 1000l wooden beams = 4500l empty pallets + 250l wood chips + 250l wood cuttings 5000l wooden beams = 4750l wooden boards + 250l wood chips Building costs 250000 €, daily costs 100€ The empty pallets can be sold at the point of sale, which is included in the mod "small sawmill". There will follow productions that require empty pallets. The mod only works in conjunction with Global Company and "Small Sawmill". Seasons ready. Changelog version - Russian translation added - Minor bugs fixed Changelog Version - Improved folder structure - New category added for better overview changelog version - FillTypes adapted to the "Uniform Filltypes" list. - Prices adjusted. - Added a seasonal price fluctuation for Seasons. - French translation improved. Changelog version - FillType "leerPalett" changed to default name "emptyPalett" to achieve maximum compatibility of the mod.