NameLizard Re-Useable Pallets
Size2.63 MB
DescriptionLizard wiederverwendbar Paletten -New Lizard Clear Pallets with option for all pallets to switch between white, clear and tinted plastic -All Pallets are re-useable and will remain once emptied, sell in the store to remove from your farm -Purchase all pallets for $200, empty pallets can be picked up and moved around -Standard 2200L and Bulk 4500L sizes for bulk dry goods and liquid pallets -Liquid pallets for certain fill types come with 50L so you can see the color, All Liquids is white -I know the colors aren't realistic at all but it's easier to tell the difference between fill types -Re-Fill pallets using a pallet fork, bulk dry good pallets can also be filled from the top -Egg pallet with 4800L capacity, place in egg spawn point or add loose egg boxes to the pallet to fill -Wool pallet with 2250L capacity, place in wool spawn point or add wool pallets to fill -All pallets have working animations and tension belts