NameRealClock Mod
AuthorVertexDezign and Slivicon
Size0.02 MB
DescriptionShows the current real time in the upper right corner. This script creates a configuration xml at first startup in your modfolder. There you can adjust the following: * Position * isDynamic true: automatically position the text in the upper right corner considering his dimensions, ignore x and y false: Use x and y ignoring text dimension * x, y: the position on the screen, see small illustration below for details 1,0 .. 1,1 0,0 .. 1,0 * Color and size of text * color: supports the following text values: black, white and all rgba colors seperated by comma in the range [0..1] example king blue "0.25,0.41,0.88,1" * fontSize: the size of the font to display, a value in the range [0..1], default 0.015. UI Scale is used for calculating the font size to display * Format of datetime string (placeholders see formats_en.txt) Changelog - Fix settings file save place Changelog - Create modSettings folder if not existent Changelog - Improve description - Move settings xml to modSettings folder - Hide clock if huds hidden (gsToggleNoHudAndFlightMode)